04.15 | Ides of April

Annual Titanic Remembrance Day falls
this year on Great and Holy Monday.

Father Damien ministered to the lepers
quarantined on the island of Molokaʻi.

Gripers and volunteers will soon learn
how to use American Sign Language.

Hillsborough remains the worst sporting
accident in Britain’s recorded history.

Hunna became the Holy Washerwoman
for poor women in Strasbourg, France.

One Boston has its glory day as Patriot
fans and marathoners fill the streets.

Some might say that McDonalds sucks
but others sit & eat there every day.

Take a wild guess why Jackie Robinson
so often served glazed spiral ham.

U.S. taxes, rubber erasers & world art
mix to create another day of culture.

Unintentional harm still happens.

. . . . .



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