04.16 | Soubirous Sisters

Bernadette convinced bean counters
and disbelievers at Lourdes.

Eggs Benedict with mushrooms are
served on emancipation day.

Foursquare focuses on flat stomachs
& appreciates those that were.

Holy Tuesday arrives after the Fire,
prompting healthcare decisions.

Librarians recognize fragile patrons
& grow orchids in their offices.

Time to share education about how
to save elephants, decrease stress.

Wear old pajamas to your workplace
& voice your world opinions.

Worldwide shame may cease.

. . . . .



04.15 | Ides of April

Annual Titanic Remembrance Day falls
this year on Great and Holy Monday.

Father Damien ministered to the lepers
quarantined on the island of Molokaʻi.

Gripers and volunteers will soon learn
how to use American Sign Language.

Hillsborough remains the worst sporting
accident in Britain’s recorded history.

Hunna became the Holy Washerwoman
for poor women in Strasbourg, France.

One Boston has its glory day as Patriot
fans and marathoners fill the streets.

Some might say that McDonalds sucks
but others sit & eat there every day.

Take a wild guess why Jackie Robinson
so often served glazed spiral ham.

U.S. taxes, rubber erasers & world art
mix to create another day of culture.

Unintentional harm still happens.

. . . . .


04.14 | Bhim Jayanti

Angolan youth still experience
conflict amid rising hope.

Children with alopecia wear
special hats in the garden.

Dolphins are let out to play
–without any electrodes.

Dreams of reason join together
with moments of laughter.

Ex-spouses in Milwaukee read
timetables & dictionaries.

Lidwinia lived as a Dutch mystic
despite multiple sclerosis.

Pan-Americans serve raw pecans
every other odd Palm Sunday.

Personal assistants look skyward
and reach as high as they can.

Sad & lonely South Korean singles
share bowls of black noodles.

Winnie Mandela will visit Japan’s
Takayama Festival this year.

Wonder women remember.

. . . . .


04.13 | Songkran

Baby massage helps those with FND
–functional neurological disorders.

Children with undiagnosed diseases
benefit from therapeutic touch too.

Friendly international societies now
discourage members kissing others.

Margaret of Costello learned to make
every tiny morsel of lunch count.

Record store owners play Scrabble,
eat peach cobbler & water plants.

Thomas Jefferson suggests taking
parents to the playground today.

Venture to adopt wild mind now.

. . . . .


12 | Acutina

Big winds arise in honor
of cosmonauts and all
human space flights.

Drop everything and read:
let children learn to save
selves and all others.

Global youth services end
shagging & donate blue
and green lifeboats.

Only children in Colorado
wonder what’s going on
with US siblings days.

Poets hide inside the stars
and in cupcakes, waiting
for a few licorice sticks.

Radiologic imaging nurses
don pro-lifers’ tee-shirts
& tweet for the street.

Teresa of the Andes eats
grilled cheeses quietly
on days of silence.

Wonders do cease.

. . . . .


04.11 | Dina Ali

Alcohol screening results in
the most boring days yet.

Cheese fondue and poutine
served on the same day.

Godeberta & Gemma Galgani
will not play Louie-Louie.

Pets play barbershop quartets
on old eight-track tapes.

Submarine officers recognize
Parkinson’s disease day.

Teen readers rally to support
local lending libraries.

Woolly bears return.

. . . . .


04.10 | One Hundred Days

American mothers reminisce about old
gendered pink & blue safety pins.

Azerbaijan builders gather in squares
& encourage young folks to write.

Salvation Army founders invite golfers
to share their cinnamon crescents.

Siblings and societies for the prevention
of cruelty to farm animals wear pink.

Treehouses no longer touch ground.

. . . . .