04.23 | Aragon

Astronauts with English muffins
cannot be ignored.

Canadian booklovers read aloud
to school bus drivers.

Floridians celebrate foundations
of the Conch Republic.

German lovers picnic with beer
and cherry cheesecake.

Lost dogs take another chance
& bark at Shakespeare.

Old books and evenings share
an unbound darkness.

Only English and Spanish are
translated at UN sites.

Pixel-stained technopeasants
pack movie theatres.

St. George declares children’s
transportation alerts.

Vinalia priora opens up casks
sealed last autumn.

World laboratories research
public nose-picking.

Xenophobia makes us lonely.

. . . . .



04.22 | Dyngus

Brazilian beagles discover Tesla
out with Girl Scout leaders
in Leningrad.

Centers for community economic
development give out free

Confederates memorialize peeps,
international mother earth,
tattered flags.

Distrust private instant books
publishing recent nudes
of former partners.

Designate drivers.

. . . . .


04.21 | Pâques

Baked ham with pineapple, then
chocolate-covered cashews
with truffles.

Big words are needed to describe
bull dogs and yellow bats
as beautiful.

Civil servants keep off the grass
since there will be surprise
drug testing.

John Muir suggests we all go
fly kites and thank every
local library.

Kindergarteners participate
in worldwide creative

San Jacinto serves tea with
biscuits after lobbying
for tuna rights.

Take time for negotiation.

. . . . .


04.20 | Montepulciano

Agnes and friends count the cost
of all their empty wine bottles.

Auctioneers make cheddar fries
& pineapple-upside-down cake.

Chinese language enthusiasts
offer respect to green beans.

Exhibitions of climate fiction
are on the rise, worldwide.

Holy Saturday coincides with
husband appreciation day.

Junior ranger volunteers join
world circus performers.

Look-alikes reconcile but still
demand school walk-outs.

Mothering is under-rated.

. . . . .


04.19| Tananit Bechorot

Amaretto and garlic-fried rice balls
after espresso on this Good Friday.

Cyclists hang out & play poker games
to mark the beginning of Passover.

Minuteman John Parker still stands
on rock, ready to defend Lexington.

North Dakotans smoke spices as they
clean out their medicine cabinets.

Patriots eat colorful primroses & play
marbles all as a way to humor others.

Thirty-three Uruguayan exiled soldiers
return, landing on the Banda Oriental.

Unusual arrays of annual light persist.

. . . . .


4.18 | La Belle Acarie

Amateur radio announcers plan new
adult autism awareness programs.

Animal crackers jump off the shelves
after they get to know their customers.

Atheists are also scheduled to make
pizza pies after the pinata breaks.

Drug abusers resist educational efforts
that coincide with Maundy Thursday.

Friends give each other the high five
when they rediscover velociraptors.

Inventive linemen are designing ways
to disconnect monuments and sites.

International jugglers, columnists &
new pet parents discuss sleep apnea.

Paul Revere carried pieces of poetry
in his satchel & inside every pocket.

Prehistoric planes did not take off.

. . . . .


04.17 | Abednago

Bats, bananas & blah-blah-blah
memes rue and rule the day.

Canadian films and cream cheese
balls do not mix well together.

Ellis Island families remember
their heritage and histories.

Ford Mustang owners gather for
another wild annual reunion.

Haiku for this Holy Wednesday
will be read from the pulpit.

Malbec is poured in recognition
of international hemophiliacs.

There is nothing you can name
that is anything like a dame.

Transplant nurses extend their
thanks to all past herbalists.

Wikiups sheltered nomads.

. . . . .