04.30 | Walpurgisnacht

Adopt a pet from a shelter —
tabby cat or puppy dog.

Bugs Bunny and Potato Head
become animal activists.

Children in Mexico find wings
to fly over the US borders.

Community PrePare-A-Thons
demand a certain honesty.

Hairstylists unionize, refuse
to do any more braids.

International jazz musicians
drop their mics again.

Military brats continue their
weekly spanking protest.

Raisin oatmeal cookies often
crumble in bubble tea.

Tragedy goes on strike.

. . . . .



04.29 | Showa

Confederate memorials host
integrated dance fests.

Immunologists refuse their
own immunizations.

Peace roses are re-planted
in every state capitol.

Shrimp scampi goes viral
on gustatory channels.

Worlds zippers break.

. . . . .


04.28 | Agapus

Brave hearts set biological clocks
back before eating blueberries.

Deaf pet parents read great poetry
to whoever will stop to listen.

Many superheroes miss their mates
& mourn during Easter octaves.

Pinhole photographers still pay it
forward without any lenses.

US National Parks Rx prescribes
healthy parks, healthy people.

Workers drive around inside their
cubicles to mark world safety.

Zebras wander in the streets.

. . . . .


04.27 | Koningsdag

Babe Ruth recognizes
B.A.R.K. pet rangers.

Bob & Ray insist on new
story times for children.

Bookstores declare their
graphic independence.

Devil dogs save the frogs
then run off for birding.

Ed balls Eve and no one
knows why or where.

Eeyore offers week-long
of birthday puppetry.

Freedom or unfreedom:
who can remember?

Little pampered dogs
dine on prime rib.

Marconi reads Matanzas
mules morse code.

Pools open with a dose
of antibacterial hope.

Tai chi experts & tapirs
recall their first kiss.

Togolese elect the same
president for 38 years.

Veterinaries far too often
share a sense of smell.

World healing depends
on rebuilding stories.

Yoga means reunion.

. . . . .


04.26 | Día de la Chupina

Audubon arbors and pretzels
recognize alienation.

Australians appreciate horses
as they ride them.

Childcare workers cannot
forget Chernobyl.

Hug a friend and remember
your first kiss.

Intellectual properties rise
on the Richter scale.

Kids and cats share another
new hairball contest.

Lesbians write dissertations
about invisibility.

South Dakotans free the state
from old static cling.

Winnipeg recalls the simulated
Nazi invasion of 1942.

Whining gets results.

. . . . .


04.25 | Maughold

After DNA tests, some take
children to work.

Alienated parents exchange
new license plates.

Anzac veterans challenge
NFL draft selections.

Crotillas mix up tortillas
and croissants.

East meets west inside
zucchini bread.

Penguins hug plumbers
and eat carnations.

Perfect dates decide to
dine our for life.

Red Hat societies offer free
mani-pedis today.

Telephones ring on the first
day of summer.

Throwback Thursday notes
malarial medicine.

Yesteryear yearns.

. . . . .


04.24 | Kapyong

Administrative professionals recall
Armenian genocide stories.

Beware 24 beers in 24 hours a day
on some college campuses.

Global fashion is revolutionizing
international lingerie.

It’s always another wild Wednesday
for those with meningitis.

Lab animals and guide dogs wear
denim and watch fireflies.

Mark the Evangelist will celebrate
poetry & creative minds.

New kids on the block demand
greater noise awareness.

Pigs-in-blankets strongly suggest
vegans stop wasting food.

Quaking aspens shimmer.

. . . . .